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Team Agnes Blust Consulting

Agnès Blust Consulting was founded by Agnès Hoevenaars (-Blust) in October 2013 and offers services to Swiss listed companies in the area of executive compensation.

Agnès Hoevenaars (-Blust)

Managing Partner

+41 79 734 06 68

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Through my background as Work and Organiza­tional Psychologist and 15 years of experience in Compensation & Benefits roles in multinational companies, I strongly believe that compensation programs should remain simple and transparent in order to have a positive impact on people.

Most individuals have a strong intrinsic motiva­tion and there is no remuneration program that can replace intrinsic motivation. The opposite is true: an over-sophistication of the remuneration systems is confusing and does not drive motiva­tion or performance!

I can help you create a positive remuneration experience for your employees and your key stakeholders by simplifying your compensation programs and by communicating proactively with your key stakeholders.

2011-2013Head Corporate Compensation & Benefits @ Sika Services AG
2009-2011Head C&B Asia Middle East, Africa @ Novartis Pharma AG
2007-2009Head C&B Europe Middle East Africa @ Unisys
2005-2007Associate Director C&B Europe @ UBS AG
2000-2005HR Manager and C&B Manager Europe @ Unisys Schweiz AG
1999-2000Compensation Consultant @ Watson Wyatt AG

Sandra Tommer Hirt


+41 79 457 54 15

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I see a thoughtful and thorough approach to compensation as key to supporting a sustainable business strategy. I believe that successful implementation goes beyond mere non-negotiable compliance and regulatory aspects, it requires an emphasis on a compensation program´s overarching purpose and underlying principles. In following such an approach, a well-thought compensation design is a powerful tool to support business objectives and to strengthen overall corporate culture and values.

During my career over the past 17 years as an expert in executive compensation, reward governance and regulatory matters, I've gained extensive expertise of a variety of reward topics. I look forward to building on this know-how and to working with you on rewards matters.

2013–2017Head Reward Governance & Regulatory Compliance, Executive Director @ UBS Switzerland AG Zurich
2009–2013Head Group Reward Governance & Executive Compensation, Executive Director @ UBS AG Zurich
2007–2009Senior Executive Compensation, Director @ UBS AG Zurich
2004–2007Compensation Design & Analysis and Strategic Projects, Director @ UBS AG Zurich and London branch
2001–2004Manager Compensation Consulting @ Arthur Andersen AG, later Ernst & Young AG, Zurich
2000Master degree in economics @ University of Zurich

Richard Thoroe


+41 79 226 21 49

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I approach executive remuneration from the perspective of finance and economic theory. I believe that it can be a powerful tool for the CEO and Board of Directors to motivate performance and align senior management with the interests of a company’s various stakeholders. It also sets the tone for the priorities and culture of the entire organization.

My experience advising compensation committees in the US and Europe has taught me that effective compensation governance goes beyond program design and the determination of pay levels. It requires a deliberate process based on rigorous analysis, informed discussion, and clear decision rights. Although traditional market practice and pay level assessments are important inputs to this process, I think it is also necessary to develop a strong internal view grounded in a fundamental understanding of an organization’s purpose and how it generates value for stakeholders.

I am passionate about optimizing the working relationship between the executive committee, the remuneration committee and other key stakeholders. I am delighted to work with you, to learn more about your business and to ensure that your compensation programs function at their highest potential.

2015–2018Executive Compensation Practice Leader, Switzerland @ Willis Towers Watson, Zürich
2007–2015Senior Consultant, Executive Compensation @ The Delves Group, later Towers Watson, Chicago
2007Master of Business Administration, Analytic Finance and Accounting @ The University of Chicago
Pre–2007Various roles: pension actuary, project manager and strategy consultant @ Mercer/Andersen Consulting

Aurélie Perronnet

Senior Consultant

+41 56 624 13 13

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I believe in a pragmatic approach to compensation management and I am convinced that only a simple and understandable compensation structure can foster employee motivation. A simple and transparent compensation framework is key to corporate success!

Throughout my work experience as in-house compensation expert, as governance analyst and external consultant, I have learnt to approach every situation from different perspectives and to consider the multiple facets and stakeholders involved, which I believe is crucial to make sound decisions.

I look forward to building on this and supporting you in designing, documenting and communicating powerful compensation programs.

2013–2017Group Executive Compensation Manager @ Novartis AG, Basel
2012–2013Environment, Social and Governance Analyst @ Ethos Foundation, Geneva
2007–2009Senior Consultant, People Advisory Services @ Ernst&Young AG, Geneva / New York
2000Master degree in Economic and Social Sciences @ University of Geneva

Anna Müller

Junior Consultant

+41 77 444 28 84

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I strive to understand our clients’ unique perspective and to provide them with the product of choice - tailored to their specific needs. The process of developing our high-quality products begins with the meticulous collection of data, which, paired with creativity and a pragmatic approach, is the cornerstone of any bespoke and sustainable outcome. Our clients receive state-of-the art analyses that are documented in a detailed, yet straightforward manner. I aspire to deliver products that support our clients in their decision-making process and to provide them with market intelligence that is comprehensive, accurate and relevant.

2015-2017Sales and marketing coordinator at Obermatt AG (part-time)
2015-2017Master of science in business and economics, University of Bern
2011-2015Bachelor of science in economics, University of Bern
2012-2017Educator at Eingliederungsstätte Baselland (part-time)
Prior 2012Diverse part-time positions to finance the studies, internships

Federica Buila

Compensation Analyst

+41 79 911 14 75

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Before joining Agnès Blust Consulting, I gained theoretical business knowledge and practical compensation and benefits experience in academic and corporate settings.

I am currently completing my Master's degree in business and economics at the University of Zürich, with a focus on human resources and accounting. As a working student in the Compensation & Benefits function of an international Swiss-listed firm, I worked directly with the Deputy Vice President of Global Compensation & Benefits, supporting her in daily operating business activities as well as in special projects. With my strong analytical skills, I will directly support the team in client projects and product development.

2019-2021Working student Global Compensation & Benefits at dormakaba International Holding AG (part-time)
2018-2021Master of science in business and economics, University of Zürich
2014-2018Bachelor of science in economics, University of Lugano
2016-2017Middle School Mathematics Teacher at AGSMA (part-time)