Compensation Committee Suite

We designed a comprehensive customized set of services for Compensation Committees (CC) of Swiss listed companies which covers the basic annual agenda items of the Compensation Committee:

CC meeting post-AGM:

Analysis of last annual general meeting (AGM)

  • Analysis of the feedback received by the key proxy advisors (i.e. ISS, Glass Lewis, Ethos and Inrate) and certain institutional investors on the compensation motions at the last AGM
  • Retrospective on the AGM season in the SMI Expanded
  • Recommendation for future disclosures in the compensation report
  • Attendance and presentation at the CC meeting

CC meeting in summer:

Annual review of compensation strategy and programs
  • Thorough analysis of the compensation system applicable for the executive committee (compensation mix, short-term incentive design, long-term incentive design, share ownership guidelines, clawback and malus provisions) against prevalent market practice in a selected peer group of Swiss listed companies (customized for your company) and against the guidelines of the key proxy advisors
  • Attendance and presentation at the CC meeting

CC meeting in autumn:

Compensation report
  • Drafting your compensation report in accordance to the law (Ordinance against Excessive Remuneration), SIX directives, Swiss code of best practice of economiesuisse and the proxy advisors’ guidelines
  • Attendance and presentation at the CC meeting

CC meeting end of year:

Governance update
  • Annual governance update on relevant requirements including law (Code of Obligations, OaEC), stock-market regulations of SIX Swiss Exchange, Swiss Code of Best-Practice in Corporate Governance of economiesuisse, best-practice guidelines of the key proxy advisors and certain institutional investors, as well as best-practice and market trends
  • Attendance and presentation at the CC meeting

AGM module

AGM preparation

  • Drafting of relevant documentation on compensation motions in the AGM invitation, slides and script as well as Q&A
  • Rehearsal sessions on compensation motion
  • Support on investors’ consultation on compensation motions including preparation meetings/calls with client and rebuttal strategy in case of against voting recommendations
  • Attendance at AGM for support

Report Executive Compensation Design in SMI Expanded companies

Fixed fee*

  • CHF 60’000 for the entire CC Suite, or
  • CHF 45’000 for the CC Suite without AGM module, or
  • CHF 25’000 for AGM module alone

*SMI and Financial Services companies excluded


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