Module I - Compensation Governance Basics

This one-day training is the first session on compensation governance and has been developed for reward specialists who are expected to work on governance-related matters in the future. The training covers relevant compensation governance topics in the Swiss context, with a focus on corporate governance in general and the SIX Corporate Governance Directive in particular. The topics include practice cases and working group discussions. While Module II and Module III of the Compensation Governance Training build on Module I, we recommend participating in the modules in consecutive sequence.

Module I of the Compensation Governance Training costs CHF 950.- per participant (for companies with more than one participant: CHF 600.- per additional participant).

The Compensation Governance Training will be held on 16 September 2021 at Westhive (Hardturmstrasse 161 in Zurich).

The training follows the structure below:

Compensation Governance Basics

Content in overview

Corporate governance overview

  • Definition and context of corporate governance
  • Roles in the company: board, committees, executive management
  • Typical annual schedule of a compensation committee
  • Recent trends in corporate governance

Disclosure requirements

  • SIX Corporate Governance Directive: requirements related to compensation

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