Part I - Training on Compensation Governance

This one-day training on compensation governance has been developed for compensation/reward specialists who are expected to deal with governance-related matters in the future. The training covers all relevant compensation governance topics in the Swiss context and costs CHF 950.- per participant (for companies with more than one participant: CHF 600.- per additional participant).

The corporate governance training will be held on 15 March 2019 and is hosted by Swisscom in Zurich (Müllerstrasse 16). The training follows the structure below:


Content in overview

Time / others

Corporate governance in general

  • Definition and context of corporate governance
  • Roles in the company (board, committees, executive management)
  • Typical yearly schedule of a compensation committee
  • Recent trends in corporate governance
  • Discussion

2 hours

Including practice case examples

Legal fundamentals

  • VegüV (Minder): from code of obligations to VegüV and Swiss Corporate Law
  • SIX Corporate Governance Directive: requirements related to compensation

2 hours

Including practice case examples

Other directives

  • Swiss Code of Best Practice of economiesuisse: requirements related to compensation
  • Proxy advisors: overview of the main principles around compensation of ISS, Glass Lewis and Ethos; current developments/trends

2 hours

Including practice case examples

International aspects

  • OECD Corporate governance principles
  • Country specific information (will be pre-defined based on participants’ interest)

1 hour

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