Executive Compensation Suite

Our philosophy is to provide our clients with individual and customized advice, as well as up-to-date information on market practices and trends. With this in mind, we designed a comprehensive package to leverage our knowledge and experience – at the same time tailoring it for each client. This combination gives us the opportunity to streamline our pricing: we offer our comprehensive Executive Compensation Suite 2018, which consists of customized services (*) and a standard offering, for a fixed price of CHF 25’000:

Executive Compensation Suite 2018 CHF 25’000 (excl. VAT)
Compensation report *
Draft of compensation report text
executive compensation report 2018
Market information and trends
  • Report Executive Compensation in SMI Expanded
  • Participation in SMI Roundtable (3 participants)
  • Governance update
executive compensation package
Benchmark board compensation *
Benchmark of board compensation against a tailored Swiss peer group
SPECIAL in 2018: Equal Pay regulations overview
Overview of regulations regarding Equal Pay internationally
Additional module “AGM”
CHF 10’000 (excl. VAT)
  • AGM preparation *: AGM documentation: invitation, slides, script, Q&A
  • AGM attendance *
  • Retrospective of 2018 AGM season in Switzerland
* Customized for your company

The fixed price of CHF 25’000 applies to all listed companies outside the SMI that are not regulated by FINMA. SMI and FINMA-regulated companies are kindly asked to contact us for a customized quote.

Compensation report
  • Drafting of the text for the compensation report in one language (E, D or F), review of one translation (E, D or F)
  • Summary of the changes compared to the previous year for the compensation committee/Board of Directors (short slide deck)
  • Not included: compensation tables (note: can be done on request, invoiced based on effective hours of work)

Timing: Company specific (recommendation: 4-6 months before AGM)

Market information and trends

Timing: At publication date (latest in September 2018)

  • Standard slide deck on governance update in Switzerland (for the compensation committee/Board of Directors)

Timing: November 2018

Benchmark Board compensation

Timing: Company specific (recommendation: 6-8 months before AGM)

Module “AGM”
  • Drafting of the text for the AGM invitation (E, D or F)
  • Drafting of the slides for the AGM on the compensation motions (E, D or F)
  • Drafting of the script for the AGM on the compensation motions (E, D or F)
  • Drafting of a Q&A related to the compensation motions (E, D or F)
  • One preparation session on the compensation motions for the AGM speaker
  • Attendance at the AGM

Timing: Company specific timing (recommendation: 2-3 months before AGM)

  • Standard slide deck about the 2018 and 2019 AGM seasons in Switzerland (for compensation committee/Board of Directors)

Timing: June 2018 and June 2019

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