Report on Executive Compensation Levels

The report on executive compensation levels includes executive level compensation survey data confidentially submitted by 29 companies listed on the SIX Swiss stock exchange. In addition to participant data, we included details on CEO compensation levels from the compensation reports of 18 additional SMI and SMIM companies.

The standard report focuses on the compensation levels of Executive Committee functions based in Switzerland from four different perspectives or “cuts” for each function:

  • SMI companies,
  • SMIM companies,
  • All companies of the sample, and
  • Other companies (non SMI and non SMIM)

For positions with P&L responsibility, four data cuts based on revenue size under responsibility are provided as well.

The following compensation elements are reported for each position:

In addition to target compensation values, the report also shows realized values (actual STI payouts and LTI vested values) where available.

You will find below an overview of the four benchmarking analyses. Two are standard reports (1A and 1B) and two are customized reports based on a customized peer group (2A and 2B):

1A. Full report

1B. CEO report

2A. Customized EC benchmark

2B. Customized CEO benchmark

  • Fixed set of compensation data, for each EC position available in the database
  • Same report for all companies
  • List of individual CEO compensation (SMI, SMIM and participating companies)
  • Same report for all companies
  • Comparison of own EC compensation against a customized peer group
  • Comparison of own CEO’s compensation against a customized peer group
  • List of individual CEO compensation

Special offer for 2021:

Regular price:

  • CHF 8,000

Special offer for 2021:

- or-

- or -

  • CHF 2,500 as stand alone
  • CHF 1,500 per position (max. CHF 15,000 for entire EC)
  • CHF 3,500
  • CHF 2,000 without individual list

Our intention is to further develop the reports and the underlying database. To reach this objective, it is a prerequisite for companies ordering a report to provide us with the compensation data of their EC positions, so that we can include them in our database. 

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