Sound executive compensation programs

Your remuneration programs should be simple, easy to understand and show a clear link between compensation paid and company performance. Complicated programs are not only confusing (and thus likely to be rejected by your shareholders), they often do not even drive motivation or performance and they are very costly to administer. Don’t hesitate to simplify your compensation programs!

We can support you with the following services:

  • Compensation committee: as independent advisor, we support compensation committees with robust and equitable decision processes for setting executive pay;

  • Board compensation: we design compensation models for board of directors considering the business context, relevant requirements and best practices (benchmark of Board compensation);

  • Executive compensation: we design compensation models for executive management considering the business strategy, relevant requirements and best practices;

  • Incentives plans: we advise on incentive plan design to ensure alignment with the business strategy, motivation for the participants and a good “fit” with the organizational culture;

  • Corporate governance & stakeholder engagement: we ensure compliance with the various corporate governance requirements (OaEC, SIX, economiesuisse, proxy advisors) and assist organizations with the stakeholder engagement strategy and execution;

  • Compensation report: we leverage the compensation report as an effective communication tool through a pragmatic, state-of-the-art disclosure. Based on a simple scorecard, we analyze whether your existing compensation report fulfills all the requirements (analysis of Compensation Report) and we redraft it accordingly. We can also prepare the compensation tables and review them with your external auditor;

  • AGM preparation: we assist organizations with AGM preparation including the drafting of presentation material for roadshows and meetings with shareholders and analysts, as well as for the AGM (including slide deck, script, catalogue of frequently asked questions, leaflet/brochure on say-on-pay votes, etc.). We also prepare the presenter(s) with a dry-run of the AGM and/or roadshows.